Thermoshield - Space Technology REVEALED?

A Green Product that is Highly Resistance towards Fire, Wind, Rain, Chemicals, Abrasions & Fungal Growth. Watch video below on Thermoshield introduction.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How Thermoshield SAVE Energy?

A: Thermoshield has the ability to reflect Solar up to 84% off a substrate and also damaging Ultraviolet (UV) light up to 96%. Eliminating Radiant heat build-up due to prolonged UV exposure will reducing internal temperatures up to 45%. Thus reduce the need for air conditioning use, prolongs air conditioning equipment life span and reduce cooling costs up to 40%


Q: How Thermoshield Control Corrosion?

A: The flexible Thermoshield ceramic creates a non-permeable membrane, which encases the substrate, eliminating exposure from corrosive elements. If the substrate is encase below the ThermoShield thermal insulation coating, then the underlying causes for corrosion have been removed. Rust treatment converts rust into iron phosphate. This will significally prolong the life of your roof and fixtures. Roof replacement is a very costly procedure!


Q: Is Thermoshield Toxic?

A: Thermoshield is SAFE and was the first manufacturer of external insulation coating to gain ISO:14025 accreditation. This Environmental Product Declaration assures that ThermoShield is suitable for use in food industries. Thermoshield is also water-based and environmentally friendly; water harvest is not compromised when capturing drinking water!

Q: Thermoshield color is White. Can I choose other colors?

A: Conventional roof tiles absorb heat as almost all are made from material that do not reflect heat and the heat absorption is intensified manifold with the dark-colored tiles preferred by most Malaysians. In the Middle East and Mediterranean, for thousands of years, buildings have been traditionally whitewashed to keep them cool in the summer. White and any custom color available. Darker colors will lower reflectivity by 7% for each dark tone. If roofs and buildings are painted white, it will reflect the heat.  WHITE IS THE BEST!

Environmental Product Declaration - ISO: 14025

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Thermoshield - Technical Data

Thermoshield Specification Sheet +

Thermoshield Specification Sheet


Thermoshield MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) +

Thermoshield MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)


Thermoshield ISO: 9001 AND 14001 +

Thermoshield ISO: 9001 AND 14001


Thermoshield Application Guidelines +

Thermoshield Application Guidelines


Thermoshield 10 Years Warranty +

Thermoshield 10 Years Warranty

10 Years Warranty

Thermoshield CSIRO Fire Rating +

Thermoshield CSIRO Fire Rating

CSIRO Fire Rating

Thermoshield Green Star Rating +

Thermoshield Green Star Rating

Green Star1

Thermoshield Energy Rating (Section J) +

Thermoshield Energy Rating (Section J)

Section J

Thermoshield R-Value (Solar Reduction) +

Thermoshield R-Value (Solar Reduction)


Thermoshield EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) +

Thermoshield EPD (Environmental Product Declaration)


Thermoshield GECA (Good Environmental Choice Australia) +

Thermoshield GECA (Good Environmental Choice Australia)


Thermoshield Insulating Value +

Thermoshield Insulating Value

Insulation values1

Thermoshield Solar Energy +

Thermoshield Solar Energy

Solar Energy1

Thermoshield Solar Energy +

Thermoshield Solar Energy

Solar Energy1

Thermoshield Solar Reflectance Index +

Thermoshield Solar Reflectance Index

Solar Reflectance

Thermoshield Spectral Test +

Thermoshield Spectral Test

Spectral Test

Thermoshield Heat Calculations +

Thermoshield Heat Calculations

Heat Load1