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3 Simple Steps To Say Bye To Heat-ache At Ease

  • STEP 1: Enquire

    Tell us your needs by contacting us at +60129685323 or simply submit your non-obligation enquiry here. Our experienced & friendly sales representative will soon be contacting you within 48 hours upon your enquiry submission.

    Best if you can also include a roof/wall plan for an estimated price quotation.

  • STEP 2: Quotation

    Drafting a proper quotation with reasonable price quote. Quotation will be itemised separately base on materials & labor cost as well. Upon confirmation, our sales representative will then conduct an ‘On-Site’ measurement.

    We will collect 50% as deposit upon confirmation.

  • STEP 3: Supply & Install

    Relax & let us do the work for you. Scope of work will be (i) power wash, then (ii) Application of  2x layers of 500 micron Thermoshield Ceramic Coating. Hand over with 10 years Warranty coverage.

    Est. Duration: Depending on weather condition, usually it takes approx. 2-3 days for a 1000 SQFT Coating